Rotational and Circular motion mcqs mdcat test 1

This is the Test No.1 Of Circular Motion Mcqs

This test is completely designed in accordance to pmdc syllabus 2023 for all the students of mdcat 2023 of Pakistan. This test is comprised 50 circular motion mcqs mdcat. There are 30 minutes to solve this test , otherwise test will be submitted automatically. Your result and your solved test will be displayed after the submission of this test. This test will remain opened for whole mdcat session 2023. You can Attempt from anywhere and anytime , you can also attempt the test multiple times.

circular motion mcqs mdcat

Is this test from Motion in Two dimensions?

Yes this test is from the chapter Motion In two dimensions of Physics 11. There are two parts of this chapter and we have added two tests for this chapter. If You wan to solve the remaining part of this chapter then Click on this : Projectile motion Test 1

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Mdcat Physics XI Circular motion Mcqs test 1

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1. If the rotation is counterclockwise then the angular velocity is directed:

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2. A fan is making 600rev/min. If after 10 sec its makes 1200 rev/min, then angular acceleration of fan is equal to

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3. The product of distance of the particle from axis of rotation and angular velocity is known

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4. Centripetal acceleration and radius are always:

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5. Angular velocity and angular acceleration are antiparallel to each other when:

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6. Rate of change of angular displacement is called:

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7. In UCM body moves with uniform:

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8. A car is taking a turn on a level road. It may be thrown outwards because of the:

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9. An object is moving along a circular path of radius 4m. What will be its angular displacement if it moves 14m on this circular path?

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10. A circle of radius 1m rolls through some distance making an angle 180º at the centre; find the distance

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11. When a body moves along a circular path, it velocity:

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12. In uniform circular motion, the factor that remains constant is

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13. If a particle moves with uniform speed that its tangential acceleration will be

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14. When a body is moving along a circular path it covers a certain angle in a given interval of time. Such type of motion is

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15. Work done due to centripetal force is

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16. A particle is acted upon by a force of constant magnitude which is always perpendicular to the velocity of the particle? The motion takes place in a plane. It follows that

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17. The linear acceleration of a car is 10m/s. If the wheels of the car have a diameter of 1m, the angular velocity of the wheels will be

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18. Angle between centripetal acceleration and radius vector is

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19. All particles of a rigid body rotating about a fixed axis may not have same

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20. A particle of rigid body is at a distance 0.1 m from axis of rotation to rotate with linear speed 3 m/s. What is angular speed of the rigid body

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21. A particle in travels in a circular path of radius 0.2m with a constant kinetic energy of 4J. what is the net force on this particle?

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22. Tangential velocity of a particle moving along a circular path is actually is

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23. In S.I system the unit of angular acceleration is :

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24. The direction of angular velocity can be assigned by using :

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25. Rpm is the unit of :

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26.  Motion of moon around the earth is an example of
(a) Uniform circular motion
(b) Circular motion
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of these

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27. A stone of mass 8kg is attached to a string         72m long and is whirled in a horizontal circle. The string can stand a maximum tension of 64N. The maximum safe velocity is?

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28. Tangential acceleration of a point on a rotating object is the product:

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29. the speed of a shaft is 1500 rpm then it frequency is :

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30. A stone of mass m tied to a string of length L is rotated in a circle with the other end of the string as the centre. The speed of the stone is v. If the string breaks, the stone will:

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31. The relation between tangential and angular acceleration is :

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32. If the speed of an object is increasing or decreasing while moving along a circular path (motion is not uniform ) then object :

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33. The acceleration produce by virtue of the changing direction of the velocity of an object moving in a circular path is called :

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34. A car is travelling at a constant speed of 72km/hr rounds a curve of radius 100m. what is the centripetal acceleration :

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35. A 200 gram ball is tied to the end of a cord and whirled in a horizontal circle of radius 0.6m. if the ball makes five complete revolutions in 2sec find the centripetal force ?

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36. Saad has mass 80kg when resting on the ground at the equator. What will be the centripetal force on saad if the radius of the earth is 6.4×106m

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37. When a stone is whirled in a horizontal circle by mean of string, the centripetal force is supplied by

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38. A truck of mass 1000kg moves on a circular path with a speed of 20m/s. Its direction changes by 90⁰ after travelling 628m on the road . the centripetal force acting on the truck

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39. When a car is moving round a corner track, the necessary centripetal force is provided by :

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40. Tangential velocity of a particle moving along a circular path is actually is

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41. A car moving on horizontal road may be thrown out of the road while taking a turn :

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42. A scooter is going round a circular road of radius 100 m at a speed of 10 m/s. The angular speed of the scooter will be :

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43. If the rotation is  clockwise then the angular velocity is directed :

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44. When a body is performing uniform circular motion along a circular path then which of following quantities must be changed :

I.kinetic energy


III. Momentum

IV. Velocity

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45. A stone is tied to string and whirled in a vertical circle , when the stone is at highest position the tension in string :

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46. An object travels at constant speed around the circle of radius 1m in one second what is the magnitude of its acceleration :

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47. A racing car is speeding around a flat , unbanked circular track whose radius is 250 m . the car speed is constant 50 m/s . the mass of the car is 2000 kg . the centripetal force necessary to keep the car in its circular orbit is provided by

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48. An object is moving around a circle of radius 14 m at a constant speed of 22m/s. the frequency of the motion in cycles per second is :

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49. Which of the following statements about circular motion is correct?


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50. A car going around a certain curve at a speed of 25 km/hr , has a centripetal force acting on it of 100 N . if the speed of the car is doubled , the centripetal

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