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Updated Sindh Textbook Board Books 2023-24

The Sindh Textbook Board (STBB) takes a significant stride towards modernizing education by introducing Ebooks for Classes 1 to 12 for the academic year 2024. These digital resources cover a comprehensive array of subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Sindhi, Islamiat/Islamiyat, Computer Science, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, and more. The Board’s commitment to quality education is reflected in these meticulously crafted Ebooks, offering a rich learning experience. The availability of these resources online facilitates ease of access, making books free to download in PDF format. Students can now delve into their academic materials conveniently, promoting a more inclusive and technologically advanced education system in Sindh Province.

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Books for Class 1-12
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Class 5Coming Soon
Class 6Coming Soon
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Class 9Download
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