New Updated 9th Class Sindh Textbook Board Books

Updated 9th Class Books By STBB:

The ninth class textbooks published by the Sindh Textbook Board (STBB) cater to students of all mediums, including Sindhi, Urdu, and English. These books, designed for class 9th or IX, have undergone recent updates and revisions, reflecting the most current educational standards. As of the academic years 2023 and 2024, students can conveniently access these updated editions in PDF format free of cost. The availability of these textbooks in electronic format or ebooks enhances accessibility for a wider audience. In the event of any broken links or technical issues, users are kindly requested to report them via email at [email protected], facilitating timely assistance and maintenance of the resource.


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1.Biology Class 9th

Download biology class 9 sindh text book board in pdf.

2. Chemistry Class 9th

Download New chemistry class 9 sindh text book pdf in all mediums, Sindhi Urdu and English.

3. Physics Class 9th

Download New physics class 9 sindh text book pdf in all mediums Sindhi Urdu and English.

4. Mathemtics /Maths Class 9th

Download new maths book class 9 sindh board pdf in all mediums Sindhi Urdu and English.

6. Islamiyat/Islamiat Class 9th

Download new islamiat book class 9 sindh board in pdf 

7. Pakistan Studies Class 9th

8. English Book One 9th

Download Sindh textbook board English book 9th class pdf

9.Sindhi Lazmi 9th

10. Aasan Sindhi 9th

11. Assan Urdu 9th

12. Urdu Lazmi 9th

13. Religious Studies 9th

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