LUMHS BS Programs Cpn Aggregate Calculator 2024

How To Use LUMHS BS Calculator?

Please go down all the instructions are mentioned below: 

Who can Use LUMHS BS Calculator?

All the candidates who are applying For Bs Programs in Liaquat University Of Medical and Health Sciences(LUMHS) can use Lumhs BS Calculator, like BS Nursing, Pharm-D or Doctor Of Pharmacy, DPT, MLT, Radiology, Bs Forensic etc

Fill in your marks to calculate your CPN aggregate score.

FSC Marks

Note: Enter the total marks of FSC.

LUMHS Test Score

Your LUMHS CPN aggregate score is:

Instructions to Use This CPN Calculator:

Fill in FSC Information:

  • Enter obtained marks in the “Obtained Marks” field.
  • Enter the total marks for FSC in the “Total Marks (FSC)” field.

Provide LUMHS Test Score:

  • Enter the obtained score in the “Test Score” field.

Calculate Aggregate:

  • Click the “Calculate Aggregate” button.

Review the Result:

  • The calculated aggregate score will be displayed below the form.


Reset or Enter New Data:

  • Click the “Reset” button to clear data for a new calculation.


  • Ensure all input values are valid numbers, and the total marks are correctly entered.
    Follow these steps to determine your LUMHS CPN aggregate score for BS programs.

What Is Merit Formula For LUMHS BS Programs ?

  1. FSC Percentage (Weighted 50%):

    • Calculate the percentage of marks obtained in FSC.
    • Multiply the FSC percentage by 0.50 (50%) to apply the weightage.
  2. LUMHS Admission Test Percentage (Weighted 50%):

    • Calculate the percentage of the score obtained in the LUMHS admission test.
    • Multiply the test score percentage by 0.50 (50%) to apply the weightage.
  3. Calculate Aggregate:

    • Add the weighted percentages from FSC and the admission test.
  4. Display Result:

    • Display the calculated aggregate as the final merit score.

This summarizes the key steps, emphasizing that 50% of the merit aggregate comes from the FSC percentage, and the remaining 50% comes from the LUMHS admission test score.

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