SPSC Physics 11 Class Sindh Textbook Keypoints

SPSC Physics class 11 Keypoints

Unlock the secrets of physics with our succinct Class 12 summarized notes, tailored precisely to the Sindh Board curriculum. Developed by the Well Knowm Physics Teacher, Sir Mumtaz Ali Panhwar, at SPSC Umerkot (Sindh Academy), these notes distill intricate concepts into easily comprehensible key points.

1st year Physics Sindh Board (OLD) Chapter Wise Keypoints
Chapters NameDownload Links
Chapter 4: Motion in One Dimension KeypointsDownload here
Chapter 05: Motion in two Dimension(2D) KeypointsDownload here
Chapter 06: Torque, angular momentum and Equilibrium Key PointsDownload here
Chapter 07: Work Power and Energy KeypointsDownload here
Chapter 08: Waves and Sound KeypointsDownload here
Chapter 09: Nature Of Light KeypointsDownload here
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