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Reconduct MDCAT 2023: Unpacking the Controversy and Results

The year 2023 has ushered in significant upheaval in the world of medical education in Pakistan, all centered around the MDCAT (Medical and Dental College Admission Test). This pivotal examination has become the epicenter of discussions, debates, and dilemmas. In this article, we will navigate through the tumultuous waters surrounding the MDCAT 2023, including the fervent call for a reconduct, the latest results, and the technological challenges faced.

MDCAT 2023 Results:

Anticipation and anxiety always surround the announcement of MDCAT results. These results wield the power to shape the dreams and aspirations of countless medical hopefuls. In 2023, the release of MDCAT results was met with heightened interest and scrutiny. For students, these results signify the beginning of their medical journey.

The Demand for MDCAT Reconduct 2023:

This year has been marked by an unprecedented demand for the reconduct of MDCAT 2023 in various provinces. Allegations of cheating devices discovered during the exam in regions like Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and beyond have cast a shadow over the fairness of the process. To address these concerns and ensure transparency, several provinces and educational institutions, including Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU), have established investigative committees. These committees, often featuring members from entities like the FIA cybercrime division, are tasked with providing a comprehensive report on the alleged irregularities.

JSMU’s Investigative Committee:

In the present situation, Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) has taken proactive steps to address the concerns surrounding MDCAT 2023. JSMU has formed an investigative committee comprised of various members, including a representative from the FIA cybercrime division. This committee is tasked with conducting a thorough and impartial investigation into the alleged irregularities, including the paper leak and other related issues. The findings of this committee will play a significant role in determining the course of action and whether a reconduct is warranted. You Can read Full report of Dawn news

Jsmu Formed a commitee to investigate the paper leak matter

Protests and Social Media Trends:

In response to the tumultuous events surrounding MDCAT 2023, students across numerous cities have taken to the streets, advocating for a reconduct of the examination. Their impassioned calls for justice have resonated loudly across social media platforms, where the hashtag #ReconductMDCAT2023 has taken root and trended extensively. This digital outcry underscores the urgency of ensuring fairness and equity within the examination process.

Reconduct mdcat 2023 top trending on twitter

Paper Leak Controversy:

Adding to the controversy, reports emerged on social media that the MDCAT paper had been allegedly leaked a day before the scheduled examination by Jinnah Sindh medical University (JSMU). These claims have only fueled the demand for a reconduct and raised questions about the security and integrity of the examination process.

Bluetooth Academy and the Challenge of Technology:

Another disconcerting element that emerged during MDCAT 2023 was the suspected use of technology, including Bluetooth devices, to facilitate cheating. The presence of such devices during competitive exams is a grave concern that must be addressed to safeguard the integrity of future MDCAT examinations.

Calls for Fairness from Top Performers:

Notably, even top-performing students who achieved near-perfect scores of 190 out of 200 are demanding a reconduct for MDCAT 2023. Their insistence on fairness underscores the gravity of the situation and the importance of preserving the integrity of the examination process

Shehdev Karmani, Mdcat Topper Demanding Reconduct Mdcat 2023

“Among the voices demanding a reconduct of MDCAT 2023 are students like Shehdev Karmani and Noshad Jaipal, who faced their share of challenges in the previous year’s examination. Shehdev, who had achieved a commendable score of 184 in MDCAT 2022, and Noshad, with a score of 173 in the same year, encountered circumstances that prevented them from securing admission to any medical university. This year, Shehdev remarkably improved his score to 190 in MDCAT 2023, and Noshad scored 181. Despite their improved performances, they, along with numerous other students, are joining the chorus for a reconduct of MDCAT 2023. Their primary demand remains a fair and just examination process, free from the taint of mismanagement and allegations of paper leakage by JSMU, in order to ensure equal opportunities for all aspiring medical students.”

Shehdev Karmani And nsohad jaipal mdcat toppers are demanding Reconduct Mdcat 2023
Shehdev Karmani (Right-side ) got 184 in MDCAT 2022, 190 in MDCAT 2023 ; Noshad Jaipal Got 173 in MDCAT 2022 , 181 in MDCAT 2023
Nandlal Valasai , demanding Reconduct mdcat 2023
Nandlal Valasai Got 179 in MDCAT 2023

Will MDCAT be Reconducted?

Amid the uproar and demands for a reconduct of MDCAT 2023, it’s natural to wonder whether such calls will lead to concrete actions. To gain some perspective, we can look back at a significant event in the history of MDCAT.

Past Controversy – The NTS Case:

In 2018, a strong case emerged alleging that the MDCAT question paper had been leaked by the National Testing Service (NTS). The controversy stirred significant debate and anxiety among students and stakeholders alike. Legal proceedings were initiated, and the matter found its way into the honorable courts of Pakistan.

However, despite numerous hearings and considerable attention, the case against the alleged paper leak did not yield any meaningful outcomes. The examination went ahead without a reconduct, and the controversy eventually subsided. You Can read more about this click here you can also read Dawn Report on Lahore paper leaked case here

Your Voice Matters:

We invite students and stakeholders to share their thoughts and insights on the MDCAT 2023 controversy below in comment box or on our whatsapp number +923441663347. Do you have any evidence or information regarding the alleged paper leakage or other irregularities? Your input can contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the situation and the steps needed to uphold the credibility and fairness of future examinations.


MDCAT 2023 has emerged as a year of trials, tribulations, and the clarion call for transparency in the realm of medical college admissions. The demand for a reconduct, the revelation of examination results, and the specter of technological misuse have all contributed to a complex narrative surrounding this pivotal examination. As students, institutions, and authorities grapple with these issues, the foundational principles of fairness, integrity, and the future of medical education in Pakistan remain at the forefront.

In the coming days, the findings of the investigative committees will provide clarity on the alleged irregularities during MDCAT 2023, ultimately determining the course of a potential reconduct. The voices of students, amplified by social media trends and concerns about paper leaks, emphasize the vital importance of upholding the credibility and integrity of such crucial examinations.

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