Bing AI Image creator Issues and Solutions

Bing AI Image creator Issues and Solutions step by step

Step by Step Guide to Solve Bing AI Image creator Issues and Solutions:

Users often face challenges with Bing AI Image Creator, particularly regarding “How to upload my image,” where the process might lack clarity. The system’s safety measures, detecting “Unsafe image content,” can hinder image uploads. Furthermore, users may experience frustration when “Access to Bing Image Creator has been Suspended,” necessitating a clear reinstatement process. Those availing themselves of free trials may wonder “How to redeem free trials,” indicating a need for streamlined and user-friendly redemption procedures. To enhance user satisfaction, Bing AI Image Creator should prioritize providing transparent guidelines for image uploads, improving content detection mechanisms, clarifying access suspension protocols, and simplifying the redemption process for free trials.

How to upload my image in Bing Ai Image Creator?

Bing AI Image Creator does not support uploading your own image as a prompt. You can only use text to describe the image you want to create. However, you can use some keywords to specify the style, color, shape, size, and position of the elements in your image. For example, you can write “a realistic image of a red apple on a white plate on a wooden table” or “a cartoon image of a blue cat wearing a yellow hat and sunglasses”. You can also use some modifiers to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue of your image. For example, you can write “a bright image of a sunset over the ocean” or “a dark image of a haunted house”. You can also use some filters to apply some effects to your image. For example, you can write “a watercolor image of a flower” or “a pixelated image of a video game character.

But, Luckily Bing AI image creator is integrated into a new AI model named Copilot in the Microsoft Edge browser you can upload images there

Unsafe Image Content Detected:

Bing AI Image Creator incorporates a safety filter to prevent the generation of images containing inappropriate or harmful content, such as nudity, violence, drugs, weapons, hate speech, or illegal activities. Users attempting to create such images receive a “Unsafe image content detected” message, ensuring compliance with Bing’s Terms of Service and legal standards. However, the safety filter may sometimes be overly strict, flagging images that aren’t genuinely unsafe. This can occur with ambiguous or multi-meaning words in prompts. Users are advised to rephrase prompts or use synonyms to avoid triggering the filter. For instance, substituting “a realistic image of an explosive device” for potentially ambiguous terms ensures a more accurate and safe image generation process.

Access to Bing Image Creator Has Been Suspended

Bing AI Image Creator provides a free service with 100 credits for image generation, where each creation costs 1 credit. Exhausting credits requires waiting for the next month or purchasing more. However, access may be suspended for violations like inappropriate content or service abuse, even if credits remain. A “Access to Bing Image Creator has been suspended” message appears in such cases. This safeguard prevents misuse and harm. If erroneously suspended, users can contact Microsoft Bing through a submission form for review and potential access restoration. Use the provided link to select “AI-powered feature,” then “Bing Image Creator” to explain your situation. Microsoft Bing will assess and decide on access restoration.

How to redeem free trials

Bing AI Image Creator provides 100 free monthly credits for image generation, with the option to purchase more or redeem free trials for additional credits. Free trials, offering extra credits for a limited time, require a valid linked payment method in the Microsoft account settings. To redeem a trial, users click on the “Redeem free trial” button on the Bing Image Creator page, confirming details and agreeing to terms before receiving a confirmation message. Credit balance and trial status can be monitored in the “Account” section, and users can cancel a trial without refunds for unused credits or time. The same trial offer cannot be redeemed again.

Can We Use Bing Ai Image Creator For Commercial Purpose ?

If you want to use images for commercial purposes, you have to obtain the necessary permissions and licenses from the original owners or creators of the images. You also have to comply with the Microsoft Services Agreement and the Content Policy when using Bing AI Image Creator.


Bing AI Image Creator is a fun and easy way to create realistic and creative images from text prompts. However, you may encounter some issues while using it, such as how to upload your own image, how to deal with unsafe image content detection, how to access the service if it has been suspended, and how to redeem free trials. In this blog post, we have addressed these common issues and provided some solutions for you. We hope this blog post has been helpful and informative for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and happy image creation!

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