Bing Ai Image Creator’s Holi free Prompts

Create Holi images using bing ai image creator

As you know Holy 2024 is coming on  25 march and everyone is impatiently waiting for this beautiful festival of colors and sending wishes to their loved ones. As you know in the Ai time everyone is using it for creating amazing things free an in no time. On this beautiful occasion we are also going to use Ai to create beautiful 3d images for Holi wishes using Bing Ai image creator. We have Compiled free text prompts just copy and paste them into Bing Ai Image Creator and see the beautiful results free. 

Step 1: [Create Picture]

Holi Images With Krishna Ji:

You can create your picture with Krishna Ji and your styled name using free AI prompts  also Set your real picture, these free prompts can be used for girls boys, and couples.

[We will share how to add your real picture instead of an AI-generated image, in the second step.] Note: Kindly Change the name and Gender Accordingly, in the prompt.

an Ai generated image of boy in happy mood celebrating holi with Krishna Ji
an Ai generated image of boy celebrating holi with Krishna Ji

Prompt 1 for boys:

Produce a convincing 3D simulation for a profile picture featuring a relaxed 18-year-old girl wearing a black hoodie and sneakers, seated casually on a Wingback chair. Her focus is directed forward. The background should showcase the name 'Anum' prominently in large, capital neon orange font against a dark grey wall. Eliminate any shadows and include wings to convey the illusion of her being an angel. Pay careful attention to maintaining accurate spelling throughout the manipulation process.

An Bing ai generated couple playing holi with krishna ji
An Bing ai generated couple playing holi with krishna ji

Prompt 2 for Couple:

A high quality realistic image of Lord Krishna, Radha, and a teenage boy playing Holi with each other. The boy is wearing a colored white t-shirt on which his name 'ASHOK' is written boldly on top. Both are smiling. The environment is colorful, and the background is of a temple. The image should be ultra clear, hyper-realistic, and 4K.

bing ai created a teenage girl celebrating holi with lord krishna
Ai created image of indian girl celebrating holi

Prompt 3 for Girls:

A heartwarming realistic and vivid 3D scene of a young Indian girl experiencing Holi for the first time. She is wide-eyed with wonder as colorful powder rains down on her, holding a small pouch of gulal in her hand. 'Pooja' is written on her shirt

Step2: [Set Your Real Face]

Hope you have created beautiful holi images with the help of our free prompts , now we are moving to our second step to set a real face using face swap ai technology. 

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the steps and see the beautiful images with your real face!
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